100 Six Figure Home Based Business Ideas You Can Start Quickly!


Starting your own home based business is becoming more and more popular today due to the stressful and competitive environment of the workforce. Also, the popularity is growing more and more due to the massive array of businesses you can start that are very attractive in all areas of interest… and are also very affordable to start as well.

The idea of being able to stay home or operate from home with a successful business, all the while being able to take care of your family and simply enjoy the comfort of home while earning a good living is very appealing.

Imagine waking up in the morning and getting the pot of coffee brewing. Then you wake up the kids to get them ready for school. Then you go into your home office to your computer to check sales, e-mails, your schedule for the day, etc. Then you get yourself dress for the day, have your breakfast, read the paper, and get the kids to school. When you return home, you put on some smooth music and get to work in the comfort of some casual clothing, slippers, and that cup of coffee. I’m leaving some other good parts out, but that’s pretty much the day to day life of a home business entrepreneur!

With all of the positives, there is one big negative in the very beginning when you first decide you would like to start your own home based business. That negative is deciding what type of business you would like to start. For some it may not be that hard because they may have already been working in a field that they love and is easy to transition into a business of their own. For others, trying to decide on what type of business to start is frustrating. That’s what this website is for: To help you generate those ideas that are deep inside your mind and get them flowing.


Self Publishing:

Self publishing your very own book, report, e-book, etc. is a very
exciting and rewarding way to earn a living. Choose a topic you know
well or can successfully research on and write about it. Also, take the
time to research around to see what topics are getting a lot success
in terms of book sales.

eBay seller:

Everyone has heard about eBay and the potential success you can
achieve by becoming a seller on this popular website. I can not stress
enough to make sure you research the site to get an idea of what
products are having a great sales record. Research around to find a
reliable supplier or search around your local garage sales, flea
markets, etc. for products you can buy and re-sell for a profit. You
may already have a product line available or know how to make
something that you can in turn sell for profit on eBay. Build your
very own eBay store at www.buildanichestore.com!!

Mobile Auto Detailing:

This is actually a business I used to run. I had nothing but fun running
this business. If you have auto detailing knowledge, great, if not, I
would highly suggest for you to either get some training, practice on
your own, family, friend, etc., vehicle, read up on how to properly
detail, and last but not least, check out some cool websites online
that are extremely informative on not just how to properly detail, but
also some great tips on how to start and run a mobile auto detailing
business. Check out www.autopia.org for some great information and

Mobile Auto Car Wash:

With the same idea as mobile auto detailing but with doing strictly car
washes. Unless you have multiple trucks or vans on the road
operating this business, I recommend that you do one or the other as
far as car washing or detailing. It’s pretty difficult to mix the two as
your profit potential will decrease.

Online Art Seller:

Selling art online is a perfect huge profit potential business for
someone operating a business by themselves. If you are an artist, the
profit potential is through the roof. If you are not an artist, you can
purchase art from online venues, estate sales, flea markets, garage
sales, etc.

Tile & Grout cleaner:

This is a pretty unknown business. Why? I will never know! The
amount of profit you can make in this business is unbelievable. If you
purchase the right equipment (power cleaner wand, extractor, etc.),
you can make upwards of around $400 per hour! I highly recommend
to research this business, especially if you are looking for a mobile
“house to house” type business.

Carpet cleaner:

Very popular business, and for a good reason. Carpet cleaning is a
very high in demand service, you can operate all year long, profit
potential is great, and you don’t need a lot of employees, if any, to
make six figures running this business.

Asphalt seal coating:

Two to three customer’s a day, 5-6 days a week, and you can be
living the good life. To seal an average size driveway has a national
average rate of about $150-$250, and it can take about 30-45
minutes to do! You do the math.

Newsletter publisher:

Create your own newsletter. Topics such as finance, stocks, and
entrepreneurship are the most profitable due to the high subscription
fee for these valuable newsletters. There is a newsletter out that
deals with investments, etc. and the subscription fee is $350!

Greeting Card Creator:

Design, publish, and print greeting cards. Rather it be for businesses,
birthdays, holidays or special occasions. Put a little twist on it and
separate yourself from the rest. Be creative.

Weight loss pro:

Do you have a system for how you lost weight? Is you system unique
and not already marketed? Either implement your system in book
form, or hold seminars to teach your system.

Classified ad website:

Create a website selling advertising space. Make your site specific to
one industry such as business opportunities, technology, etc.

Mini-Blind cleaning:

Another simple and affordable business to get into. Lots of homes+
lots of blinds+ most people dreading cleaning them = a very profitable
business for you.

House cleaning service:

All those times your mother got on your case about cleaning up after
yourself can now turn into a successful business! With the right
marketing techniques, a helper, good supplies and equipment, you
can clean your way into success.

Gift Basket Designer:

Create creative gift baskets for all occasions. You can also specialize
in one particular occasion such as birthdays, corporate, weddings,
etc. Some gift baskets can sell for $100+

Internet researcher:

Searching the internet can now turn into a money making business.
Offer your service to companies and individuals looking for vital
information. You would be using a variety of online databases, search
engines, forums, etc. to gather information.

Personal Trainer:

You’ve worked hard and long to develop your fit body and now you
can have it pay off, besides the long term health benefits. Check with
a certification school for more information about how to get certified.


Turn your specialty into profit. If you specialize in computers, finance,
etc., you can start a very lucrative consulting service. It’s pretty
common that one person consulting practices can make six figures,
so the sky is the limit.

Home Inspection:

Inspecting homes pre-sale is a booming business. Check with
national associations that deals with home inspectors to learn how to
get certified. Not a lot of upfront investment is necessary for this


If you love to cook and have skills in planning and organization,
starting a catering business can be the thing for you. Specializing in
weddings, funerals, etc. can give you a competitive edge.

Wedding planner:

Simply take one of the several certification programs available either
online or at a local facility and jump into this exciting and rewarding
business. Make people’s dreams a reality and your income much

Google AdSense:

Visit google.com and learn about this wonderful and exciting online
money making opportunity. If you have a website, you can generate
income from it using Google AdSense. Visit this site here to help
you get started on building a profitable Adsense business!

Party planner:

If you love putting together parties and special events, then party
planning is for you. Birthday parties, reunions & more!


Buy & sell antiques. Rather it be online, flea market, etc., this is an
intriguing and very financially rewarding venture.

Personal Chef:

If you are a chef and/or having lots of cooking experience in all types
of foods, rather it be healthy, elegant, special occasion foods, etc.,
this is a great business for you.

Speech Consultant:

Teach those in the professional world how to speak to capture the
listener and you just might be making $100k yearly or more!

Small Engine Repair (Mobile):

Contractor’s, landscaper’s & so much more depend on their
equipment to stay running smooth. You’ll provide a service where you
can go right to their location and repair and/or provide maintenance
on their small engine equipment such as lawnmowers, tractor’s,
pressure washer’s, generator’s, etc.

Children’s Books Author/Publisher:

Write and publish one of the most highly sold books in the world…
children’s books. If you are good in art, that is a plus, otherwise, you
can hire someone to create art for your books for added appeal.
Writing books for teens is also recommended. Books can be fiction
and/or non-fiction.

Contractor Referral Service:

Have you ever needed some work done to your home, but you knew
about none of the contractor’s listed in the phone book? This is where
your service would come in. You screen contractor’s for years in
business, licensing, customer referrals, etc. Then you offer your
service to the public by referring particular contractor’s based on
customer’s needs. You can charge contractor’s a participation fee,
and a small fee to those looking for services.

Web Design:

With creativity and some programming skills, you can be on the fast
track to success. Web design is an in demand service and is showing
no sign of possibly ever slowing down due to the increasing size of
the internet. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Resume Writing Service:

In this day and age, it is pretty difficult to land that dream job. A lot of
requirements, experience, good schooling, etc. is what makes the
difference. Also, a well written resume can make or break someones
chance to land that job. If you have experience and/or training in
writing top notch resumes that employer’s statistically will respond to,
then this is an excellent business for you.

Online Dating Service:

With it becoming more and more complicated for singles to meet and
more importantly meet the type of person they are interested in, you
can help them by creating a site where singles can mingle. Research
the industry and remember to be creative and original.

Gutter Cleaning:

If you market your business right, you can be very successful for the
fall and winter seasons cleaning out rain gutters. Leaves and debris
that get caught in gutters is very important to remove to prevent the
obvious hazards. Providing this service gives your clients the piece of
mind and not to mention you taking away a very frowned upon chore!

Mail Order Music CD’s:

With the same concept as DVD’s, you can also be successful selling
popular and hard to find music CD’s through mail order. Another thing
to mention when selling these products is the ease of stocking,
packaging, and shipping these types of products.

Mail Order DVD’s:

There are a few select products & services that you can sell via mail
order that have a tremendous opportunity to make six figures a
year….DVD’s is definitely one of them. You can purchase a
wholesale lot from eBay or another wholesale resource and sell
your DVD’s either online or by catalog. Specializing in a particular
type of movie can help in making your business attractive to potential

Mail Order Children’s Books:

Books in general do pretty well via mail order, but due to the steady
growing demand and popularity of children’s books, you should really
consider specializing in marketing these types of books. You can also
purchase wholesale lots from eBay or another wholesale resource.

Mail Order Video Games:

The video game industry is showing no signs of slowing down any
time soon…take advantage! With new game consoles being put on
the market at a rapid pace, and with the popularity of a lot of video
games out today, this is a great opportunity to jump on board. Finding
a niche will really help with this business to separate yourself from

Driveway/Sidewalk Pressure Washing:
Pressure washing driveways and sidewalks are quick, easy and very
profitable. You get a few people on the same street getting serviced,
the profit can be huge.

Snow Plowing:

If you live in an area that gets snow, then you live in an area with a
huge business opportunity. Granted that a snow plowing service is
only successful if it snows means one thing has to happen well…
.marketing. If you go after large parking lots and line up a bunch of
customer’s in surrounding neighborhoods, you can make up around
$1-2,000 per DAY! There is a lot of money in this business if you can
get a good reliable all wheel drive truck with a snow plow connection,
and if you can get a snow blower.

House Pressure Washing:

Trailer or van, water tank, commercial pressure washer, and
environmentally friendly products, and you can be on your way in a
high demand service. People are taking more care of the exterior
homes nowadays since it can increase the value, extend the life of
the surface, and keeps the home looking beautiful.

Website Domain Name Broker:

You are the link between buyer and seller of a domain name. With
domain names being sold for $2,000-$1,000,000+, and then you
factor in that you will take a commission off of the selling price…well
you can do the math!

Flower Arrangements:

Weddings, funerals and other special occasions, flower arranging is a
very successful industry. If you have creativity and passion for
flowers, success can also be yours. Taking your business online can
be huge!

Mobile Commercial Equipment Pressure Washing:

Bull dozers, tractors, paving machines, skid loaders, and so much
more can be pressure washed for a nice profit. Doing this service is
not as labor intensive as you may think. If you use a good pre-
cleaner/degreaser solution and pre-spray the equipment prior to
pressure washing, you will see what I mean. Contractor’s need to
maintain a good image to stay competitive in their respective industry.
Therefore, offering a service to keep their equipment looking tip top
will be valuable to them. I used to pressure equipment, and an
example of fees would be that I charged $15 to degrease and
pressure wash a skid loader. How long did it take me? 5 minutes.
With this particular company, I pressure washed about 3 machines
and 2 open trailers. It took me a total of 20 minutes and I made $60.
Possibilities of making around $100+ per hour are very real.

Mobile Truck Pressure Washing:

Truckers are finding it pretty difficult to get over to a truck wash to get
their money makers cleaned. Providing a service like this would make
their lives a lot more easier and your pockets a lot more full. Be sure
to check with your environmental laws as you may have to reclaim
the waste water from your washes.

Automotive Paint-less Dent Removal:

Short and inexpensive training courses are available to teach you
everything you need to know about paint-less dent removal. Training
will be the biggest investment. Other than that, all you’ll need is some
tools, a vehicle, and the will to market yourself and your business.
Car dealerships is an excellent sector you can get started in.

Creative Jewelry Designer:

Turn you love for beaded jewelry and other creative jewelry into a
successful business venture. This type of product does very well via
the internet and mail order.

Office Cleaning:

Accounting firms, law firms, doctor’s offices, advertising agencies,
etc. want to do one thing while they are in their offices….what they
are in business for….not cleaning! That’s where you’ll come in. Office
cleaning has been around for awhile and will be around for awhile
longer. If I could offer one piece of advice if you choose this venture,
it would be to make sure you get bonded and insured. Companies will
not hire you if you aren’t. Make this a top priority prior to starting your

Image Consultant:

Most people are image conscious nowadays. You can teach
individuals and businesses how to improve their image. Individuals
benefit by attracting the opposite sex, landing their dream job, or just
simply feeling better about themselves. Businesses benefit by
instilling trust in current and potential customer’s and separating
themselves from competition.

Business Opportunity Directory Publisher:

Create and publish either an online or offline directory consisting of
detailed listings of business opportunities. You can charge a listing
fee to the business opportunity company and/or a fee to those
interested in searching for a business opportunity.

Franchise Opportunity Directory Publisher:

Create and publish either an online or offline directory consisting of
detailed listings of franchise opportunities. You can charge a listing
fee to the franchise opportunity company and/or a fee to those
interested in searching for a franchise opportunity.

Employment Consultant:

Play matchmaker between employee and employer. You can
specialize in executive positions only or specific industries. Your
service will help employee’s find the particular career they are
searching for based off of several principles such as salary, location,
companies years in business, etc. You will also help employer’s by
find employee’s that fit exactly the criteria they are looking for.

Internet Consultant:

With the vast distance of the information superhighway called the
World Wide Web, companies and individuals are finding it difficult
navigating through to whatever it is they are looking for or trying to
do. If you are very experienced with the workings of the internet or
you have training, this business can be very successful. Longevity is
obviously not an issue!

Mobile Pet Grooming Service:
People love their pets! However, most people are pretty busy to get
down to the local pet store, or grooming shop to have their pets
groomed. “I come to you” is your catch phrase! Creating a mini
groom shop in the back of a cargo van can catapult your success!

Mail Order Nutritional Supplements:

Through the internet or by catalog, you can start your own business
selling nutritional supplements. Fortunately more and more people
are caring about their health and you can help them by making it
convenient and fun to order all of their nutritional supplement needs.
To separate yourself from the rest, I would suggest to find a niche
such as supplements for those into sports, older men and women,
active adults, women only, men only, etc.

Portrait Artist:

If you are skilled in art for which you can paint a portrait of people,
places or things, your income potential is absolutely tremendous!!

Portrait Photography:

Family photos, couples photos, and individual photos are always in
high demand. These are cherished and priceless things to people
and most have no problem paying substantially for this service.

T-shirt Design:

Create and sell printed t-shirts through mail order catalog and/or
internet. Being unique will go a along way. Make sure to link up with a
t-shirt manufacturer or distributor that has very high quality shirts.

Wedding Videographer:

Some couples want to capture this one time memorable experience
on video also. Some knowledge of videography, and good quality
equipment is what you’ll need to tap into this high income business.

Mobile Locksmith:

Imagine going out on a call to unlock a car door. You arrive, you pull
out your tools, you provide the service, you collect $50-$75, and
move on….and the service took 5-15 minutes! With some training
and tools, you can get started.

Sales Leads Service:

Aide salespeople with leads for possible sales. Your job will be to go
out and do market research and to generate leads for your clients.

Mobile Massage Therapist:

Most people have a high tense lifestyle that is dealing with kids, work,
school, kids, relationships, kids, health, kids, etc., LOL! You can
provide a much needed remedy with a mobile massage service. With
some training, and a mobile massage table along with some other
products you can be on your way to earning up to $100 per hour!

Wedding Services Directory Publisher:

Publish an advertising directory consisting of all types of paid ads
pertaining to all facets of a wedding ceremony. Photographer, flower
arrangements, cake decorator, tailor, etc. I highly doubt you would
have any problem attracting advertiser’s to your directory.

Video Brochure Creator:

Provide a service to corporations, small businesses, etc. where you
can video tape sales presentations of companies products/services.
You will help businesses take their advertising efforts farther by
making it possible for their potential customer’s to experience
advertisements from companies in a much more comfortable manner.

Pool Cleaning Service:

Cleaning pools for a living is quick, rewarding, and profitable. With
some basic tools and a clean image, you can have yourself a busy

Online/Catalog Niche Apparel:

Find a niche within the apparel industry such as fine Italian shoes,
athletic apparel, women over 50, men over 50, pregnant, mens
accessories, womens accessories, etc., and market your business
via online or by catalog. When you specialize in a particular market,
your bound to get loyal repeat customer’s.

Restaurant Directory Publisher:

Publish a directory containing ads from local restaurants. Also include
something like a quick guide that gives a brief rundown about the
restaurant such as price range, types of foods, reservation info,
parking info, etc.

Apartment Guide Publisher:

Publish an informative guide containing listings of apartments in your
surrounding area. List photos, price range, options, benefits, leasing
office hours of operation, etc.

Homes For Sale Directory Publisher:

Publish a directory listing homes for sale in your surrounding area. Be
unique and creative with your directory to stand apart from
competition. Include added photos of the home, additional benefits
not normally listed in other directories, etc.

Garage Sale Classified Magazine:

Publish a classified ad magazine strictly listing ads for people holding
garage sales in your surrounding area. This is going to grow into a
successful but quiet business. Why? With the never ending growth of
popularity with eBay and the like, more and more people are
flocking to garage sales to purchase products to re-sell. Your
magazine containing the listings of these garage sales will be very

Coupon Mailer:

Start a coupon mailer business. Your mailer will consist of coupons
from area and national businesses. You can have it where companies
submit there own coupons and you package them into an envelope
for mailing, or you can copy, paste and publish them into a magazine
type of publication.

Advertising Specialties:

Create advertising specialties for companies to take their marketing
efforts farther. Pens, hats, calendars, cups, etc. are excellent
marketing products to place company info on. There are some
business opportunity models out there now that can provide a full
package for you to get started right away.

Home Based Business Directory Publisher:

Publish a directory containing advertisements of other home based
businesses in your area.

Parking Lot Maintenance Service:

Start a business providing a much needed service to property
managers, stores, company owner’s, etc. that have parking lots.
Cleaning, trash removal, minor repairs, light bulb replacement, etc.

Tax Preparation Service:

With some courses widely available that you can take and along with
having patience, you can have success as a tax preparer.
Remember, be unique and separate yourself from competition.

Scam Watch Report:

Whether online or offline with a newsletter format, start a business
helping consumer’s, business opportunity seeker’s, etc. learn about
scam’s, how to determine one, organizations & government agencies
that will help you, updated news, etc.

Pest Control

This industry will never die….only the bugs! I used to work as a pest
control operator for a very large company several years ago. The
amount of money you can make in this business will have you mind
boggled! Make sure you get insured & certified with your state. This
process can be tedious but is definitely worth it. You can charge $40-
$50 for a regular monthly visit to provide general service around your
customer’s homes. Your first visit’s fee should be higher since you will
have to tackle the problem firsthand. This fee is usually around $100-
$200 depending on the pest and the size of the problem. The
proceeding monthly visits afterwards will be a maintenance service to
make sure you keep your customer’s homes pest free.

Business Loan Broker:

Help businesses track down the best loan option available. You in
turn collect a commission for your services. Experience in loans,
banking, finance, etc. helps.

Household Upholstery Cleaning:

Start a cleaning business where you focus on solely cleaning
household upholstery. Specializing in this one area will have you
stand above the rest in other general related industries such as
carpet cleaners. Why? Because you will be looked upon as a
specialist in upholstery cleaning. That’s why I stress a lot about
finding a niche.

Automotive Upholstery Cleaning:

Start a business where you focus on cleaning automotive upholstery.
Coffee spills, toddler getting gum and cookies implanted on the back
seat, etc. is enough to drive you crazy! You can provide a service
where you can go to someone’s home or office and clean their
vehicle’s upholstery. A heated carpet extractor, and/or a vapor steam
cleaner, commercial shop vac, some safe automotive upholstery
cleaning soaps, and tools is basically all you need to get started.

Stress Relief Instructor:

With the hustle and bustle of today’s society, more and more people
are getting stressed out. Provide a service teaching people how to
deal with everyday life situations, and even un-expected situations.
Stress relief exercises, tips, techniques, good habits, etc. can all be
taught to help your clients live a stress free lifestlye.

Online Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is become more and more popular every day.
There is a ton of information available on how to breakthrough in this
huge income potential business on the internet. Be aware however
that there are a lot of scams around. Do your research and jump into
this fun business. Visit www.commissionblueprint.com and learn how
to make $100,000 a year…or more, with affiliate marketing!!

Environmentally Friendly Products:

Start a business specializing in the sales of environmental products.
Mail order catalog or the internet would be perfect. You can specialize
in products for the home, vehicle, children, etc.

Mortgage Broker:

Help potential home owner’s get the home of their dreams by
assisting them on a very big headache…getting a mortgage loan. You
will have to understand your clients financial makeup in order to
successfully find the perfect loan. Make sure you research about
state laws, licensing, certifications, etc. that you’ll need to operate this

Personalized Children’s Books:

Imagine a child who usually doesn’t like to read, but then sits down
with their face lit up with joy reading a story that is about them.
Bringing that kind of joy into a child’s life along with promoting the
advantage of reading is rewarding in itself. Oh yeah, you can make a
very nice living doing this too.

Online Child Safety Products Store:

Give parents a piece of mind by selling child safety products. I.D.
bracelets, home safety products, and more. This is a good business
to have in an online store format. Most of these products are small,
therefore easy to stock and ship.

eBay coach:

Teach other’s how to prosper in the multi-billion dollar eBay
empire. If you know the ins and outs of eBay , you can certainly
prosper by showing other’s your tips, techniques, tricks, etc. It can be
by way of consultation, or you can form your knowledge in book form.

Infant clothing retailer:

Start a business selling infant clothing either by mail order catalog or
via the internet. Creativity & uniqueness will go a long way. You can
specialize in a particular style, type, etc. to separate yourself from
competitors. Infant clothing is a huge business as it’s an always in
demand product, and customer’s are always ready to purchase this
type of product.

eBay Services Advertising Site:

Start a website that advertises other companies’ services for eBay
sellers. You’ll charge a fee for the advertisement listing. The ads can
be in the form of banners, links, descriptions, etc. With more and
more people jumping in on the eBay craze, you can bet more and
more people are starting businesses offering products and services
for eBay seller’s and even buyer’s.

iPod Accessories Seller:

With the growing popularity of these cool little music devices, you can
cash in. Start a business rather it be catalog or website selling
accessories, software, etc. for the iPod

Product Catalog Freelance Writer:

Start a freelance writing business by writing attractive descriptions,
etc. for product catalogs.

Web Content Freelance Writer:

Start a freelance writing business by writing content for websites.
Content can range from articles to announcements, company
background, sales letter, etc.

Advertising/Marketing Copywriter:

If you have experience in advertising and marketing or if you take
some courses from your local community college or online, you can
start this fun and rewarding business. You’ll write ads for companies
that will effectively promote their product or service.

Logo Creator:

If you are artistic and creative, you can make it big creating logos for
companies. Understanding the effects that logos have with the
success and identity/image of a company will be a huge advantage.

Business Name Consultant:

The concept of this business is fairly simple. Step 1. Help aspiring
entrepreneurs come up with the perfect name for their business. Step
2. Charge a flat rate fee and voila. Check for competition to get the
general idea of pricing, however, charging around $35-$75 or more
for this service is reasonable considering the value of the service.

Unique Website Name Consultant:

There are so many website names already taken it is mind boggling.
Having the ability to help a company or individual come up with a
unique website name that is not already registered and/or for sale is
very valuable.

Private Investigator:

Intrigue & high pay are two terms you will live with on a day in and
day out basis with your private investigation business. Individuals,
companies, law firms, etc. are all in need of your services. There are
several courses available out there for you to learn the trade and get
started quickly.

Debt Collection Service:

Assist creditors on their efforts to collect bad debt from consumer’s
and/or businesses. You collect a commission off of the debt you’ve
collected. Income potential in this business is very high.

Sales Consultant:

If you have experience and/or training in sales and are good at it, you
can have great success. You will be training staff of companies
and/or business owner’s in the art and science of selling.

Debt Management Services:

Help people manage, reduce, and ultimately eliminate debt.
Experience in finance, accounting, etc. will help. Due to the
increasing number of people in debt, a service like this is bound to
become a very large market.

Internet Advertising Consultant:

Provide consulting services to businesses and individuals aspiring to
start online businesses dealing with effective online advertising and
marketing. There are so many pluses followed by many negatives
when it comes to internet advertising, and that’s what you’ll help your
clients become knowledgeable about.

Website Domain Name Broker:

You are the link between buyer and seller of a domain name. With
domain names being sold for $2,000-$1,000,000+, and then you
factor in that you will take a commission off of the selling price…well
you can do the math!

Good luck with your business idea choice and I hope that you
experience success with your very own Six Figure Home Based

Avy J. Barnes

© 2010 By: Avy J. Barnes All Rights Reserved


If you’re trying to make money online and have been unsuccessful, all you need to do is follow these top 10 tips and you will see a massive difference in your home based online business success.

1. Implement everything you learn. There are so many people out there that read and read and never take action on any of it. Education is very important but so is taking action. If you don’t take action on what you have learnt nothing in your business or life will change. I suggest that you implement one new thing a day you have learned.

2. Choose one market a focus on that. What you want to do is become successful in the market you have chosen, then duplicate that in other markets. Most people try and go into several markets at once creating information overload and excess stress. Narrow your focus to the one market and you will succeed.

3. Establish multiple income streams. This is very important if you want to grow your home based business online. Also if one income stream is down, you have several back up sources of income flowing in.

4. Become an expert in at least 3 traffic methods. If you excel at 3 traffic methods you will know how to drive traffic to any of your websites or blogs anytime you choose.

5. Network with other successful people. Go to any forums or community business associations and join them. Try and get more joint ventures with others and get to know other people in your niche. Not only will this grow your business quicker but will give you more referrals and leverage your online business better.

6. Have a daily and weekly action plan and finish it.Write down all the tasks that you need to do to get you results in your business. I suggest you action one at a time until each one is complete and don’t waste time on unproductive tasks.

7. Treat making money online as a business.There are many people who treat making money online as gambling or a hobby and only spend the bare minimum on making it work. This is a real business so treat it like one.

8. Be having fun at all times with your online business. If you’re not having fun you will find it hard to motivate your staff and create a buzz as well as pushing yourself to succeed.

9. Concentrate on building a subscriber and customer list. They are already interested in your products and services so build a good relationship with them.

10. Create reoccurring revenue with continuity income. This will bring a great source of income into your business whilst your business grows.

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