Making $100 a day online is easy. Really, it is. I don’t say that with any ulterior motivation, or any fancy pants product to sell you either. The truth is, the whole idea of earning a full time living online has been “designed” to be so mysterious, that the powers that be want you to believe you’ve got to buy their expensive products to succeed.

The biggest problem with the whole online marketing mentoring, or teaching space is it’s a “confuse and conquer” environment.

If you really want to learn, and are willing to put in the time, most of the folks who are willing to give you the advice you need to succeed want to CONFUSE you first. And then convince you that buying an expensive product, home study course or “push button” solution is going to make you rich.

It’s not.

But THIS could. And what I’m about to lay out for you below is the exact same strategy I’ve used in my own business to generate MILLIONS of readers and subscribers in close to a hundred different niches and in more pen names and products than I can count.

The whole strategy can be summed up in 3 simple words, and works in EVERY niche under the sun.

The 3 words are:




If you can master those three things, or at least diligently apply them to building your business, you find making $100 a day is super simple. (and much more than that not much harder to boot)

It works like this:

You write articles like this one.

Those articles lead your readers to a page designed to build your community and deepen the relationship you have with your reader. (you do that with an OPT-IN page, and a simple form that turns your readers into subscribers)

And you follow up with those readers with OFFERS, as part and parcel of the process of continuing the conversation they STARTED when they first read your article.

(I have people who buy my stuff for the very first time TODAY, and who signed up for my list 3 or 4 years ago, meaning work I did in 2008 or earlier is still paying dividends long after the content was created)

Hitting the $100 a day mark?

Honestly? The easiest way of getting there is having an OFFER of your own to sell. Coaching or consulting is perfect. An audio product is very easy to create, and can literally be done in an afternoon. Selling 1 $97 offer around something you have PASSION for on a daily basis is NOT difficult, and if you really love what you do and can communicate that with conviction, is a GREAT bargain for your readers as well.

(as a matter of fact, selling 2 $1500 coaching programs per month is the same as selling 30 at $100, and in most markets, that’s ALSO very easy to do as well)

Remember, if you don’t have your own product, or aren’t comfortable with coaching offer just yet, find a good affiliate program to swap in until you do!

If you can incorporate the articles, opt in’s, offers idea with a niche you have PASSION for, the perpetual piles of profit are NEVER far behind, I promise!

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